Basic Strength Training Program for Women Over 50

Learn the best way to build a stronger, more resilient body to Be Healthy Enough to do all you love to do in life!

Stronger Bodies

  • Lose weight easier

  • Reduce falls with better balance

  • Stand taller with better posture

  • Have less joint pain

  • Stay independent


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Join Us Today For Only $5

Step By Step Process 

Improve your strength slowly so you don't hurt yourself

Workouts For Us Over 50

But this is MORE than just a library of videos!

A PROVEN PROCESS (and flow chart)

I've helped hundreds of women get stronger without hurting themselves with this simple easy to follow process.  Detailed flow chart and printable tracking sheet provided

Basic moves to target your entire body

Nothing crazy or complicated.   These moves are recommended by experts to keep our bodies strong, functional an toned.

Motivation and Support

Stay motivated with a weekly workout plan, support from our amazing community and help from me...your online personal trainer

Workout in the comfort of your own home

Stream instantly from your computer or tablet (or your TV) anytime you want.  You an even workout in your PJs!

Available in application stores for mobile Available in application stores for mobile tablet and phone

​​Stream Anytime, Anywhere

​​Stream your videos on any of your devices. Even your big screen TV (an adapter is required). Take me on the road with my new Apple IOS And Google Play APP


price option

Save $15 off your first month then pay only $19.99/month from then on

  • Access to this special program AND EVERYTHING ELSE!

  • Over 450+ workouts if you want even more

  • Private Community Group

  • Recurring Monthly Payment

  • Cancel Any Time

Build A Strong Capable Body

I'll be with you every step of the way!