Healthy Identity Profile

Healthy Identity Profile Guide

1. What is it?

          A Healthy Identity Profile is your own view of what being healthy enough means to you. After living for more than 50 years we deserve the right to define this for ourselves and not let someone else do it for us; TV, Movies, Fitness Maniacs, etc.   

          2. Why does it matter?

            You are creating your statement for how you feel today. As you use get moving and feel better with the help of the BHE Online Exercise and Wellness Platform I will use this tool as a way to check in with you to see if you can still connect with your statement or understand how the platform is helping you meet your goals.

            3. My Healthy Identity Profile

              I am Amy Van Liew, happy and healthy and passionate about helping others be the same. As a health coach I know that exercise will help give me strength and resilience that will enable me to look great for my age and be able to do all of the things I love to do well into my 90s.

              4. How I use it

              Print it out, put it somewhere visible, and refer to it when you need a kick in the butt to get moving. I hope that it inspires you to always remember the benefits that exercise bring to your life.

              5. Let’s create your Healthy Identity Profile

              Simply complete the answers to the questions below and send them to me via email. From there, I will help craft your statement.

              1. The one word or phrase I would use to describe myself is --------
              2. The one word or phrase I think others would use to describe me is ----------
              3. People know me as a ------------------
              4. Exercise will help give me --------------------------------------.
              5. Exercise will enable me -------------------------------------.

              When you have your answers ready, send them to me in an email and I’ll send your Healthy Identity Profile back soon:

              Looking forward to your Healthy Identity!

              –Amy Van Liew