Be Healthy Enough Basics

Walking Program

Simple movement to help you BE HEALTHY ENOUGH!

This is a great starter fitness program if you’re:

  • Coming back to exercise or recovering from an injury

  • Want to make your current walks more effective

  • Need a simple, low commitment plan to improve your health and wellness

  • Struggling with motivation to incorporate regular movement into your day

  • Not feeling like the ‘hard exercise’ classes and tactics of the past work for you at this stage of your life


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​​Explore Some of Our Walking Workouts

Walk with a purpose and get healthier and stronger each day

​​More Than Just Walking

​​Come for the walking, stay for me, your online personal trainer. Let me help you learn what Being Healthy Enough means to you!

Stream or download

​​Whether you want to stream instantly or download the walking videos to have when you are out, this program is always ready for you to enjoy. Once downloaded these workouts are yours forever!

4 Week Walking Plans

​​Follow a daily calendar with days for walking and days for building strength

Walking AND Strength Building Workouts

No matter what your level I have a workout for you.


​​We’re greater than the sum of our parts. Connect with likeminded Women Over 50 and learn what it means to be Fab, Fit and Fifty+!

​​Stream Anytime, Anywhere

​​Stream your videos on any of your devices.

Download your walking videos to your phone for use anywhere and forever!

Available for TV platforms and apps


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Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • 7 days free +$14.99/month (that's like 50 cents/day!) from then on

  • Unlimited access to our growing library of walking workouts

  • The ability to download all walking workouts for offline access (no need to use your WIFI and you get lifetime access!)

  • New videos added regularly

  • Access to our Facebook Community Group (Fab Fit and Fifty+)

  • Recurring Monthly Payment

  • Cancel Any Time

Walk Your Way to Better Health

I'll be with you every "step" of the way!

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